We provide check-in stations in the main lobby of the church and in the Rise Kids lobby. For first-time guests, one of our volunteers will collect some information from you, so that we place your child in the appropriate environment. Each child in your group is given a label with his/her name and a unique code for your family. The adult label has the same unique code.

Each week, your labels will have a new unique code so that we can continuously provide the safest environment possible for you and your children. You will not be allowed to enter the Rise Kids area without your identifying label.

Your label is checked against the child’s label, before we release the child to you. We ask all adults to wear the label in a visible location, so that you can quickly enter the secure, Rise Kids area. If we need you at some point during the worship experience, we will first try to text you using the phone number you have provided. If you do not respond, we will display your unique code on the screen in the worship experience.

After your first visit, you can use one of the self-check in stations in the main lobby or the Rise Kids lobby.

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