Lydia Morrow’s Story

“I grew up in church, but I had a lot of hurt. It was hard going through all I did as a child, and the only one I had was Jesus. He was my rock and hope when I had none. But as I grew older, I found myself getting lost in the world. God was never far, but he was not the foundation of my life anymore.

I went to the doctor for an annual check-up and he found some pre-cancerous cells invading my body. I was scared and felt my world was crashing in. I found myself crying out to God saying, “Lord I can’t die I want to live for my children!” Then, as I began to give him my worries, He began to supernaturally comfort me and give me peace that only came from Him. Soon, my cries turned from “I don’t want to die” to “Lord, this is about eternity. It’s beyond me.” Two surgeries and almost a year later, Jesus healed me, and I am on a road to full healing in the name of Jesus.

A co-worker invited me and my husband to Rise Church’s relationship series. Our marriage was hurting a little, so we went! Our relationship was being counseled, and we were being ministered to – we knew that we had found our home church! We have not missed one Sunday since that day. We love the way God has moved in our lives! He touched our marriage and my children are becoming on fire for Jesus!

I am so in love with Jesus, so I am taking this next step in my journey by being baptized and confessing to the world: “I am all in, and Jesus is in full control of my life!”
– Lydia Morrow